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BerichtGeplaatst: Do Apr 30, 2015 10:45 pm    Onderwerp: GOING TUBELESS ! Some advices from the guy who just did Reageer met quote

Hello People

I used the passed Koningsdag long weekend to try tubeless finally

May be some experience i gained can be useful for the others
I did it with Fulcrum Red Metal 3 whellset on my Trek and front ZTR FLow on Mega TR
I used Tubeless ready Schwalbe and Maxxis tires

What has been ordered:

No tubes sealant
No tubes tire tape ( you should order the right width for the rims)
Schwalbe tire tape
No tubes rim strips with integrated valves
Tubeless valves
Presta adapter for car compressor

so i have ordered a lot of stuff to be able to try different otions

It took some time but finally everything is Punk

What i learned:

1. Rim strips are bulsh**t
When the strips are on the rim there is so mach tension between the strips and the tyre ( resin to resin) that its almost impossible to locate the tire properly on the rim

2. just use rim tape
Clean the rim properly and place the rim
Schwalbe rim is MUCH better then No tubes

3. Do not waist your money on tubeless valves
Just make it from old tire. Cut the valve from the tire with scissors and you have the valve. It works

4. If you have a new tire its good idea first to install it on the rime with inner tube so the tire takes a proper shape

5. soapy water really helps!

The process is quite easy:

Clean the rim and apply rim tape
install valve
Take on the tire on the rim and try to inflate till the tire "pops"
If cannot do its good idea to apply soapy water to the rim so the process is easier
the most important is to let tire inflate and instal on the rim
i used auto compressor to make the pumping faster

If you use floor pump take our from the valve the inner part so it take more airflow
After the tire installed on the rime you can deflate and install the valve again

After the tire is poped on the rim, deflate it fill with tire sealant through the valve or by opening one side

After the sealant is in the tire shake it well and inflate

And thats it!

There are tons of video and texts in the internet as well Cool

Hope it helps
im just sharing what i did

Here is the result:

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