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BerichtGeplaatst: Di Jan 24, 2012 6:41 am    Onderwerp: [nieuws] iXS cup vernieuwd Reageer met quote

De iXS cup gaat inmiddels het 10e jaar in en is uitgegroeid tot de downhill cup van Europa. De organisatoren hebben dit moment aangegrepen om de cup nog eens grondig door te nemen. Naast een aangepast logo en een nieuwe website zijn de veranderingen vooral te merken in de deelname en regelgeving, meer hierover in de onderstaande aankondiging:

It's all new for the iXS Downhill Cup

Already in its tenth year, the iXS Downhill Cup series has grown up and presents itself in a new look. Not only the logo has been redone, it also comes with a new online presence.

With the four series under the flag of iXS running for some years already, the layout of the cup had to be dusted off. This has been done with the design of a new logo and the redevelopment of the website. But it's not only the look that has changed, there are also changes within the series as well. The organizers have revised the time table at some stages, but most significant are the changes within the rules of the iXS European Downhill Cups.

Five years after its inauguration the cup has left its childhood days behind and established itself as one of the most prestigious series of the world. As a result it will only be open to licensed riders in the future. But the growth in popularity is only one factor triggering that decision, it is also influenced by different national rules. Due to national rules in some countries, the added costs to open the cup to non-licensed riders are extremely high due to added insurance costs and other efforts. In some countries it is even impossible to let unlicensed riders participate. As bridging the gap between national series and the Worldcup has always been the cups main purpose, this step is bringing the cup closer to the Worldcup than before. As a result extra training times for the Top 80 Elite Men and Top 10 Elite Woman categories will be added. Based on the world ranking list, the best 80 men and best 10 women will enjoy an additional three hours training time. Start numbers for the European Cup will therefore only be available on Fridays before each race.

There will also be a new system for registration, as a change for the better for those who knew the old system. Due to increased fees for foreign bank transactions paying via PayPal will be the only way to pay in the future. This will cut costs and make funds available quicker for the organizers of the various events. Late registrations and late payments are not possible any longer, registrants have to pay immediately via PayPal and will show up on the list of competitors in real time after they completed the registration.

The registration list and starting as well as results lists will be available online in the future, so people can check them at the races with any mobile device connected to the internet.

The section with the rider's online profiles has been extended as well. Next to the results riders can upload a picture as well as information about their team, sponsors, bikes and parts used. The profiles can be changed and completed any time. Within the next weeks all participants will be invited to update their data. All existing accounts will still be valid.

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BerichtGeplaatst: Zo Jan 29, 2012 10:13 am    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Ze zijn in die 10jaar ver gekomen,uitgegroeid tot 1 van de grote organisaties.
Waar is de tijd van de Locomotion cup Smile
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